Kayakers on the Payette River.
The Questionnaire
Weíll send this to you with other information after you book your dates. These questions will help us prepare the best possible WMWR visit (and donít worry, we wonít share the info!).
1)I enjoy wine:
A) Once a week B) 2-3 days a week C) Daily
2)My average price per bottle for “everyday” wine is:
A) $10 or under B) $10 - $15 C) $15 - $25 D) $25+
3)I know what I like and I donít care to broaden my wine horizons.
True or False
4)I love to try new wines and would love to have you guide me based on my profile.
Yes or No
5)If you have “go to” wines, could you tell us a few?
6)Would you rather drink wine from a factory or a farmer?
7)Your “desert island wine”?
8)The wine that made you realize, “you are now a wine drinker” was?
9)When dining out, I never spend more than $_____ on a bottle of wine.
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Very simply, Ray Zemkeís wine seminars have changed the quality of my life. Not only am I drinking better wine but I have learned how to pair wine with food. Rayís knowledge and personality have made learning about wine fascinating and fun. Donít miss the opportunity to learn, laugh and enjoy as I have for twelve years with Ray Zemke. It will change the quality of your life, too!
Eliot Seide
Executive Director
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