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  • Guests may select what wine experience they would like (see list of popular seminars). Depending on your length of stay, we will customize whichever seminar (or seminars) you select for your time frame. For example, if you choose “Bubbly Around The World” you could have a different bubbly (or two) with each breakfast during your stay.
  • Tasting seminars can be arranged to best fit into your activity schedule (see Play). The seminars vary in the number of wines tasted and length. Much of it depends on your preferences!
  • If you choose to expand your wine world, we値l help you use the tasting skills you already have (at any level) to take your palate to new places and discover new flavors. If you want to focus on favorites and tweak them a bit, we can do that too. We壇 love to have you experience that ah-ha wine moment at WMWR.
  • Each day starts with a wonderful breakfast. Additional food service may be added based on seminar selection, your preferences and tasting schedule. We will talk with you about your schedule for your stay and arrange for the culinary experience that best suits you and the seminars you choose. WMWR also has relationships with the best local restaurants so you can continue your learning experience while dinning out! Additionally, picnic lunches are provided in the summer months for those who choose the back country tasting experience and on warm winter days on the mountain.
  • Seminar costs depend on your time commitment, desire to expand your wine horizons and your traditional wine enjoyment standards. Level 1 seminars can start as low as $50 for 4 people. Obviously more intense and longer seminars will cost more. We値l let you know costs based on a conversation we値l have when you book or prepare for your WMWR experience. If you plan on a longer stay, you can select multiple subjects and spread them out over the length of your stay. WMWR is all about customizing your experience. If you池e willing to talk about it, we値l make sure you値l have a memorable experience!
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What makes America the greatest wine market in the world today is the genuine interest of wine consumers nationwide to learn and discover. Ray excels in translating his vast wine knowledge into user friendly terms that everyone can grasp and enjoy. Everyone walks away from the table after an evening with Ray with something new to take home with them...
Paul Chevalier
Vice President, National Fine Wine Director
Shaw-Ross International Importers
Just What Do We Mean When We Say TasteLearnPlay?
Guests may select what wine experience they would like (see list of popular seminars). Depending on your length of stay, we will customize... more
Tasting seminars can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the subject, your interest and interaction. During the winter months, the seminars.... more
We live here because we love to play whether it痴 in the back country, at Tamarack Resort or on the water. Tamarack Resort is... more
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