Peg & Ray with Jose' Zuccardi... a SUPER Star of wine.
Popular Seminar Options
When you book your reservation at WMWR, we suggest you also have an idea of what seminar or seminars you’d like to include in your stay.
Think of WMWR as a personalized wine bar/B&B with great attention to detail including winery information, maps, food pairing suggestions, grape varietal information and much more. Personalized information take home sheets make it easy to remember what you’ve enjoyed!
Each seminar/tasting is offered at different levels. Level one seminars start at $25 per person depending on the seminar and wine preferences.
Level 1 will help you get a broad tasting of the subject at “everyday wine” prices. Level 2 will give you a more in depth look at the subject at a higher cost. Plan on a bit of an exchange with us to customize your tasting at a price level you feel appropriate.
All wine prices are based on retail wine shop prices NOT restaurant pricing (so you’ll get better wine for less than in a restaurant setting).
Here are a few of the many wine subject options you can choose from to help us give you a great WMWR experience. Remember, we can customize almost any subject imaginable too! Some are more in depth than others. We will be happy to help you select which seminars are most appropriate for your time frame, experience level and budget.
Some of our Featured Seminars:
Mountain Wines
Taste wines from around the world grown at high elevation. Discover why the future in wine is “heading for the hills”. This is (so far) our most popular seminar.
Level 1: A great introduction to the finesse and clarity wines from elevation can produce.
Level 2: Kick it “up” a notch with this choice. Here you will be tasting some of the most influential wines grown at elevation, made buy some of the very best winemakers/visionaries around the world.
Wines of the Great Northwest
This is ideal for people who want to explore the variety of wines from the Great Northwest. The focus is on highlight varietals and the future of Washington and Oregon with a dash of Idaho.
Level 1: Pinot, Cabernet, Viognier (or Riesling), Merlot or red blends.
Level 2: Some of America’s greatest Winemakers are in the Northwest. We’ll customize your tasting to your preferences.
Bubbly From Around The World
This can be so enlightening and uplifting (puns intended). Cava, Champagne, Prosecco, Sparkling wines of many styles. This makes for a great multi-day experience... after all, what are you having with YOUR breakfast?
Level 1: Spanish Cava, Cremants from Limoux, Loire and/or Burgundy, Washington Sparklers and more!
Level 2: Grower Champagne, Grand Marques, top Cremants, upper tier (DOCG) Prosecco and more are available for this.
Willamette Valley Oregon
Taste the multiple appellations and flavors of the Willamette Valley. Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay centric.
Level 1: A great introduction to the small artisanal producers in this iconic region.
Level 2: Here we get into single vineyard wines from great producers. Many of the wines are very small production wines.
Farmer versus Factory wines
See why the world (of wine, at least) is turning green. We’ll help you think and drink healthier! Oh, and the wines? Let’s talk about what areas and varietals you prefer to help us design a more personalized seminar.
Level 1: Discover wonderful, healthy wines at every day wine prices!
Level 2: How serious do you want to get? Like all seminars, we customize the experience for you and include iconic wines that have influenced the world of wine. Sustainable, organic grape and Biodynamics are explored here.
Follow The Columbia River - from Walla Walla to the Columbia Gorge. A study in multiple varietals and styles from multiple locals. This can be a one day snap shot or a multiple day seminar. Like new discoveries? We’re gonna rock your world!
Level 1: A nice, tasty look at why the Northwest is becoming the most exciting part of America’s wine producing regions.
Level 2: Customize your preferences in this seminar. In depth tasting of specific vineyards and/or producers.
West Coast Pinot
From Santa Barbara all the way up to Washington. Taste the broad array of styles, weights and textures. Pinot centric - as in Noir, Gris, and Blanc.
Level 1: Small production wines that define each region (and made by great Winemakers).
Level 2: Upper tier small production/single vineyard wines that will expand your Pinot Profile.
The Great Winemakers
We’ll focus on the evolving trends from the Winemaking visionaries who are responsible for elevating the world of wine to new heights. Here we focus on progressive Winemakers from Argentina, Washington, Oregon, California, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. This can be anywhere from a one day to multiple day experience depending on your time frame and learning commitment.
Level 1. A four wine snapshot at why the regions you help us select for you will become your new favorites.
Level 2. Iconic wines that have or are currently changing the world of wine. Highly suggested to for those who enjoy cutting edge wines.
Tour De France
We’ll guide you through the classic and emerging regions throughout France. Another quick sneak peak one day seminar or a multi-day in depth series of tastings. Both Level 1 and Level 2 seminars are offered.
Giro D’Italia
Such a broad array of flavors, styles, textures and varietals, this is another one day to multiple day subject that can broaden you wine horizons at any level. We’ll demystify Italy for you so you can enjoy all that Italy has to offer. This is best suited for a multi day seminar.
South America Focus
Chile, Argentina, Uruguay will be highlighted with a focus on varietals and the locations where they shine.
Level 1: All star producers you’ll be able to get when you get home.
Level 2: Some of these wines are such small production wines, you’ll have to work at getting them (but we’ll help you with that!).
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Since the first time I had met Ray, during one of his many trips to Mendoza, I understood his great passion for wine; something that I’m happy to share with him! He has been selling my wines for many years in a very competitive market with very good results. At Familia Zuccardi we all love Ray!!!
Jose Alberto Zuccardi
Familia Zuccardi (Zuccardi & Santa Julia wines)
Ray’s intuition and insights of wine is well documented, and his study of the ever changing subject of wine is legendary. He is an unparalleled wine educator... additionally and equally important, Peg & Ray are a “ton of fun”.
John Davidson
Walnut City WineWorks
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